Parking Policy

I. Purpose

To outline procedures for tenants, visitors, handicap parking on the San Luis Business Incubator parking lot. This policy will describe acceptable tenant and visitor parking areas, as well as loading zones and fire lanes

II. Policy

It is the policy of the San Luis Business Incubator to provide adequate parking space for all tenants and visitors. The San Luis Business Incubator, in accordance with state and federal law will also provide adequate handicapped parking and enforce its proper use.

II. Definitions

A.Designated Visitor Parking: Parking spaces located in the front of the business incubator facility. Additional parking is provided on the vacant land located on the North of the business incubator facility.

B. Designated Handicapped Parking: Any parking space marked by the handicapped parking sign and blue paint on the curbing. Vehicles parked in these spaces must have the proper identification either on the license plate or visible through the window.

C. Designated Tenant Parking Spaces: Parking spaces located on the back of the business incubator facility. Suite A, B, C, and D will have 2 parking lot spaces marked by the suite letter on the curbing. Suite E, F and G will have 3 parking lot spaces marked by the suite letter on the curbing.

a. All authorized vehicles parked on SLBI premises must be in proper running condition. Vehicles must not leak fluids on the pavement such as oil or gasoline. If vehicle does leak fluids, Tenant will be responsible for the cleanup of the fluids and any cost occurred by SLBI in the cleanup of the fluids, including pavement repair.

b. Repairs – ONLY EMERGENCY REPAIRS may be conducted on SLBI premises, such as changing a flat tire or battery replacement.

D. Loading zones: Any area used by the sole purpose of delivery and pick up of supplies, materials, and equipment. Suite B through F will be designated with a loading zone area that will be marked with the suite letter in the back of the business incubator. Suite A will be allowed to park parallel with the loading roll up door without blocking vehicle traffic.

E. Fire Lanes: Any area designated as a fire lane by signage and red paint on the curbing. There is no parking in these areas of any vehicle other than fire trucks or other emergency services vehicles.

IV. Responsibilities

A. Manager: The San Luis Business Manager is responsible for enforcing this policy.
B. Secretary: The person responsible to communicate with tenants and visitors all major and repeated offenders of this policy.

C. Maintenance and Public Works Department: maintaining all signage and the painting of curbs in loading areas, handicapped parking space, and fire lanes.