IT Rules & Support Policy

This Information Technology Rules & Support Policy (“IT Policy”) shall apply to all Tenants and other users (“Users”) of the San Luis Business Incubator (“SLBI”) for the use of SLBI’s Information Technology services while using the SLBI facilities, located at 415 North Industrial Avenue, San Luis, Arizona 85349 (the “SLBI Facility”).

For purposes of this IT Policy, the term (i) “Tenant” means a Tenant that is leasing space (the “Tenant Space”) within the SLBI Facility pursuant to a Lease Agreement between the Tenant and SLBI; and (ii) “Visitor” means any person or group not related to Tenant , including consultants and visitors to Tenant.

  1. The SLBI program offers a shared internet service through CenturyLink with pricing options listed below. Tenant may come into contract with an internet service provider (ISP) if SLBI internet service does not meet their needs. Any contracts for dedicated internet service must first be approved by SLBI personnel before service is contracted. Current data bandwidth available for SLBI is up to 10mbps. Current project to replace internet service is expected to finish by end of 2017 which will result in bandwidth speeds of up to 50mbps. The SLBI will provide one wireless router per suite with a respective patch panel for hooking up additional equipment if needed or desired. Tenant is responsible for equipment and will be charged for cost to replace if damaged or lost. Minimum of 3 month contract. If contract is terminated before the 3 months, $100 fee will apply. A $50 deposit is required at time of contract. The deposit will be release once the contract is terminated by either party and there are no outstanding balances. The following restrictions apply:
  • a. No more than 3 devices can be connected to the wireless router at one time.
  • b. Additional equipment must first be approved by SLBI IT.
  • c. SLBI equipment, cabling, ports should not be removed or relocated.
  • d. Personal computers connected to network must have active antivirus software.

**Please note that bandwidth speeds are shared between suites. Dedicated service and higher speeds can be solicited for additional fees. Prices are subject to change. Please contact SLBI personnel for more details.

  1. IT personnel perform limited services for Tenants while Tenants and Visitors are using conference, training, or meeting rooms. This may include set-up, adjustment of A/V equipment, or troubleshooting. These services MUST be arranged in advance when the conference room is reserved; IT personnel may not be available at a moment’s notice.
  2. The basic function of SLBI IT personnel is to maintain the building Internet connection for the SLBI network. They are not responsible for commercial Internet connections.
  3. SLBI does not maintain a large inventory of audiovisual equipment. All parties wishing to borrow any audiovisual equipment should make the request for such equipment at the time the conference room is reserved; every attempt will be made to honor such requests. All parties will be required to sign for the audiovisual equipment, and each individual party will be responsible for replacement of such equipment should the equipment become lost, damaged, or stolen. THE EQUIPMENT SHOULD NOT BE REMOVED FROM THE CONFERENCE ROOM OR THE BUILDING AT ANY TIME.
  4. During initial move-in and set-up, SLBI personnel may provide advice or direction on wiring, cabling, or room set-up; however, SLBI IT personnel will not be available to actually participate in the physical set-up of equipment.
  5. The main conference room is equipped with a computer; it is not necessary to bring laptops or notebooks to show presentations. If you require connecting an outside laptop/notebook/device, please advise SLBI personnel during the conference room reservation.
  6. As a reminder, you may set up a company Intranet system in your area as you wish, but no wireless networks are permitted in the building at this time other than the SLBI wireless network. If you wish to use the SLBI wireless network, please contact the SLBI personnel. Again, failure to comply with this restriction will result in loss of connection/Internet for an unspecified period of time.
  7. SLBI assume no responsibility for information or access over any network including any violations of laws of any state or of the United States with regard to trademark, copyright, patent, libel, and privacy of electronic data communication. User and sponsors shall hold harmless and indemnify the SLBI against any claims made as a result of information and data transmitted or accessed in such a manner.
  8. Interruptions in service for a number of reasons may occur. SLBI will make every effort to minimize such interruptions, but SLBI shall not in any event be liable to user and sponsors for any loss, damage or expense of any kind whatsoever, including lost profits and indirect and consequential damages resulting directly or indirectly from such interruptions.