DNK Plumbing Supply, LLC

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DNK Pipe & Supply is a leader in the Arizona plumbing supply. DNK opened its doors to Yuma County residents and contractors in 2016. DNK is proud to carry not only full lines of commercial and residential plumbing products, and Waterworks products, but also showroom products as well. Our knowledgeable and experienced sales team takes pride in making sure our customers get the supplies they need when they need them. Our fleet of delivery trucks can service customers from Yuma to San Luis to Imperial County. If you shop at DNK Pipe & Supply, you can be confident in an excellent level of service and commitment.

Our mission is simple: Be the best! We know our customers have a choice so we strive to be the best plumbing supply wholesaler around. Contractors can count on us to have the quality products and parts they are looking for so they can get the job done right and on time. Our sales team makes every effort to help the contractor get the supplies they need promptly and delivered to the jobsite quickly at the best possible price. DNK Pipe & Supply carries complete lines of plumbing fittings, pumps, tanks, and valves in addition to plastic fittings, including Polyetheylene, ABS, PVC and CPVC. We also feature metal pipe and metal fittings, including, copper, brass, black iron and cast iron. Whether your needs are commercial or residential, a contractor or a do-it-your selfer, we have the plumbing supplies you need.

We specialize in servicing the mechanical and plumbing contractor through our vast selection of pipes. Ordering supplies is much easier when you can get it all in one place, which is why we offer an array of pipe material from steel, stainless, cast iron, plastic and copper. Our inventory and ability to provide custom designs ensures that we are prepared for any project or specialty order. You can rely on our products, so your customers can rely on you.

Whether you’re into DIY and need a specific fit, or a professional contractor with an arsenal of parts, we have the plumbing supplies you need. Pumps, tanks, valves, plastic and metal pipe fittings are all a part of our inventory so you’ll be able to find the perfect part for the project. Our extensive list of fittings are meant to provide you with everything you need to make sure the job gets done right the first time.

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